We are closed from July 13 to 21 – 2023 due to circumstances..

Best We are closed from July 13 to 21 due to circumstances.. We wish everyone a happy holiday for those who have..Make something beautiful out of it.. Time is all you have Please if it is important mail us again on the 24th July 2023 if it is importantIt may be that we overlook things […]

The Hdfury Arcana is available again

Dear customers , The hdfury Arcana is fully available again .. we ship daily again with UPS, Fedex and Postnl.nl .. there were some delays with delivery to the UK. but this we have taken care of by sending with FEDEX .. this was normal UPS .. due to the BREXIT and probably the COVID-19 […]

Delivery Hdfury Arcana in February 2021.

Dear customers The HDFury Arcana can be shipped next Monday / Tuesday 8/9 FebruaryThen we also have enough in stock … All other Hdfury Products are in stock and are often shipped the same day. we do our best to get the orders to you as soon as possiblebut there are currently some delays due […]

we still have UK Hdfury Arcana in stock

Dear Customers, we still deliver to the UK or countries with UK adaptors. we still have stock. BUT ONLY WITH UK POWER SUPPLY for all other country’s that not have a UK power plug must wait to the end of the month of January 2021..

Delivery HDFURY ARCANA for orders after 4 January 2021

The Hdfury Arcana is for orders after January 4th. only available again at the end of January and possibly the first week of February. To assume the worst. it depends on many things ..But also to send from Taiwan to here. and customs, or they allow everything to pass immediately. So we’re doing our best […]

Hdfury Arcana delivery

As you know, these are busy times around Christmas and New Year … and unfortunately all is not going as planned this year with .. Fortunately, we can inform you that the Hdfury Arcana’s will be shipped the first week of the new year. they will be shipped from taiwan on the 29th of December […]

Hdfury Arcana delivery december

Dear customers Due to several issues and the whole lockdown for the Covid-19, we can’t make it to the promised December 18th date .. the Hdfury Arcana won’t be with us until the end of the year.And then it depends if we can get it out in time this year ..And otherwise it will be […]

hdfury arcana update 18 November

Dear customers. the customers who have ordered the Hdfury Arcana before November 18th. they get the hdfury arcana.they will be shipped within a week from November 20 .. if you get a track trace number and it doesn’t work yet, wait a few days. we are preparing the orders .. and they will be shipped as soon as […]

HDfury Arcana update

Hdfury Arcana Bulk

Dear Customer As you know, the HDFURY ARCANA will be delivered at the end of November around the 24th.We’ll try this sooner if we can. There was a message in between that the HDFURY ARCANA will be delivered in October, but because of the problem that we could not get certain chips delivered on time. […]