Dear customers

Due to family joy and a prematurely born child, we will be difficult to reach for the next two weeks from October 11 to October 25 2021

We will try to send orders during this period. although there will be some delay.for like 4 days after you order

hopefully a little understanding for our situation and will not answer the mail or telephone until this date.. but I will do my best.

email only for essentials

For support of the Hdfury products you can go to the HDFURY Support discord channel

here your questions will be answered quickly and professionally.

Go to the hdfury support channel:

Official HDFURY reseller and distributor of Europe

Hdfury Rocking the AV scene since 13 Years!

From world’s acclaimed Digital to Analog converters and popular EDID solutions to HDR toolbox, HDCP converter and award winning UHD scaler, the last 12 years of Hdfury have truly been amazing.

We are feeling an incredible gratitude for our community of supporters and customers – you all filled our lifes with unbelievable energy and momentum to drive us forward.

Now, we are proud to release three new and furiously innovative Hdfury AV devices. They have their own unique capabilities and a common base of shared features. Hdfury Maestro is the world leading solution for 4K HDR over HDBT. Hdfury Diva is an all in one HDR to SDR converter, Ambient Light and Lag tester. Hdfury Vertex 2 have dual 18Gbps output with an exclusive +5V control by software.

What they can all do for you!

  • First and sole in the world capable of autoswitching any sources including those that keep +5v in standby mode (Nvidea Shield, X1X, ATV4K, etc..)
  • First and sole in the world to offer a HDMI audio output that can extract full audio from ARC/eARC and HDMI sources and forward it to any AVR input.
  • Setup info always at sight and under control via OLED, On-Screen-Display, InfraRed, RS232, IP and Webserver (Mac/Win/Linux/Android/iOS).
  • Support all HDMI devices Audio formats, Video resolutions, HDCP revisions and HDR modes in existence and make them play perfectly together.
  • Boost Nits value, translate HLG>HDR, replace metadata, scale, convert, disable, inform, modify for workflow, calibration or pleasure.