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Introducing the HDFury Arcana 2: A Revolution in HDMI Connectivity

Welcome to the future of HDMI technology with the HDFury Arcana 2, the world’s first eARC HDMI2.1 8K VRR FRL5 adapter. Designed for both tech enthusiasts and casual users, this device bridges the gap between any HDMI source and display, ensuring unparalleled audio and video quality.

What is the HDFury Arcana 2?

The HDFury Arcana 2 VRR 8K is more than just an adapter; it’s a comprehensive solution for connecting any HDMI source, like Full UHD sources, Blu-ray, UHD Blu-ray, media players, satellite receivers, game consoles, and PCs, to any HDMI display. It enables the full HDMI audio from these sources to be extracted and forwarded to any eARC/ARC or HDMI sound system, supporting high-end audio formats up to Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, and more. Whether you’re a tech aficionado or just looking for an easy setup, the Arcana 2 ensures clarity and depth in both sound and visual aspects.

Cutting-Edge Hardware Design

The hardware of the HDFury Arcana 2 is built to impress, featuring 1 HDMI input, 2 HDMI outputs with a scaling option, 1 eARC output, and more. It supports 4K and 8K VRR/HDR and all sound formats, ensuring compatibility with the latest and greatest in home entertainment. Its intuitive OLED display and rotary/wheel switch make navigation and adjustments a breeze.

 The Versatility of HDMI COPY

With the HDFury Arcana 2, you gain access to the world’s first HDMI COPY function, offering unparalleled flexibility in signal management. This feature allows users to split, pass, downscale, or upscale signals to match the needs of any setup, ensuring the best possible viewing experience on any display.

Software Ingenuity and EDID Management

The Arcana 2 shines with its advanced software capabilities, including EDID management to mix TV video and audio system capabilities seamlessly. It offers HDCP conversion, signal operation adjustments, and even real-time HDR metadata management, making it a must-have for anyone looking to optimize their home cinema or digital entertainment center.

Designed for Everyone

Whether you’re a content creator, calibrator, streamer, or just a fan of high-quality home cinema, the HDFury Arcana 2 VRR 8K is designed to enhance your digital entertainment experience. Its ease of use, combined with deep technical capabilities, makes it the perfect choice for any setup, from professional environments to cozy home theaters.

In conclusion, the HDFury Arcana 2 is not just a product; it’s a gateway to the ultimate audio-visual experience. Its blend of high-tech features and user-friendly design ensures that whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a casual viewer, you’ll enjoy the best that digital entertainment has to offer.

HDFury Arcana 2

  • Downscale ANY FRL or TMDS signals 8K>4K, 4K>2K or 8K>2K up to 120Hz
  • Unlock true FRL/VRR on Samsung Q90/QN900/QN95 and similar models
  • Pass ANY FRL/VRR signals and downscale the secondary output for Hue Sync
  • Up to 8K60 444/RGB 12-bit via DSC at 96Gbps
  • Best Audio to your sound system and Best Video to your display, Always & Guaranteed!
  • World First 40Gbps Upscaler, Downscaler, Splitter with full audio extraction for VRR and any signals
  • Full Audio from ANY HDMI source (including VRR signal) to ANY HDMI, ARC or eARC sound system
  • Full Audio up to Atmos/TrueHD from any HDMI source to SONOS Arc & Beam 2 or any eARC sound system
  • Play Xbox 1X games at 4K120 Dolby Vision on LG C9, BX & SONY HDMI 2.1 TV
  • Solve SONOS Arc/Beam2 + other lip sync issue when using external HDMI sources connected to eARC TV
  • Works for ANY HDMI source to any HDMI, eARC or ARC sound system
  • HDMI 2.1 Full Audio/Video passthrough up to FRL5: 40Gbps/1200MHz
  • Upscale FRL5 and ANY signals 2K>4K, 4K>8K and 2K>8K up to 120Hz (no upscale for VRR/1080i/720p/480i-p)
  • Finally allow DTS sound from source to your sound system even if your TV does not support it.
  • CEC control from TV at output to source at input
  • CEC volume control from source to eARC or HDMI sound system
  • CEC volume control from TV to ARC/eARC sound system
  • CEC volume works to eARC TX and HDMI OUT using TV remote or source remote
  • ARC/eARC retrieval from TV ARC/eARC input to ANY ARC or eARC sound system
  • Support for 1080p120, 1440p120 and 4K120 as well as any VRR signals (Xbox series X, PS5, GPU and others)
  • Allow DV content playback from LLDV capable source on any HDR10 display for improved picture quality
  • 1 HDMI2.1 Audio/Video output has a downscaler for improved picture quality on 1080p/2K or 2160p/4K TV
  • Allow HDCP 2.3 > 1.4 Conversion
  • Perform Chroma, Color space and Color depth modification if needed
  • Increase or decrease nits value of HDR metadata in real-time during HDR playback
  • Live signal info and details on OSD and OLED
  • Rotary switch for OLED menu navigation
  • USB type C (for power) and USB type A female (for USB stick update)
  • RS232 jack connector (for integration and control, not needed for average user)

HDfury Arcana Technical specs

HDMI revision: HDMI 2.1 FRL5(1200Mcsc – 40Gbps)
Arcana 2 Support: 1200MHz/40Gbps VRR, QMS, QFT, DSC1.2a, HDR10+, HLG, DV & LLDV, ARC, eARC, ALLM, IMAX
Max Resolution: 8K60 444 12b DSC, 4K120 422 12b, 4K120 444/RGB 10b VRR/HDR, 8K30 422 12b, 8K30 444/RGB 10b or 8K60 420 10b<
TOTAL I/O: 1 HDMI In, 2 HDMI Out, 1 HDMI eARC Out, 1 RS232, 1 USB-A (update), 1 USB-C (power)
Pass & Upscale TX0 port: FHD 1080p, 2K-DCI or UHD 2160p, 4K-DCI -> UHD 2160p & 4K-DCI or 8K FUHD
Pass-thru 40Gbps VRR + FRL5 Upscaling supports any Frame Rate signal up to 120Hz
Pass & Downscale HDMI COPY port: 8K FUHD, 4K-DCI or UHD 2160p -> 4K-DCI, UHD 2160p or 2K-DCI, FHD 1080p
Pass-thru 40Gbps VRR + FRL5 Downscaling supports any Frame Rate signal up to 120Hz
Full HDMI COPY Audio port: Full HDMI Audio extraction and forwarding via downscaled stream to any AVR or sound system HDMI input at least capable of 1080p
Full Audio eARC port: Full Audio up to Atmos MAT or Atmos over TrueHD from HDMI source or ARC/eARC display to ARC or eARC sound system such as SONOS Arc & Beam 2
Signal Conversion: Resolution, Chroma Subsampling, Color Space, Color Depth, HDCP
HDCP Conversion: Any HDCP to any HDCP with CST1 support
Operating Modes: 40Gbps FRL5 VRR Splitter, Scaler with CEC, eARC, ARC and EDID management
Special Modes: DV/LLDV to HDR10 display, Boost HDR nits value, Translate HLG>HDR, HDMI Doctor
EDID Modes: TV only, TV video + SONOS audio, SONOS only, optional LLDV datablock for all modes
Control Modes: OLED and rotary switch with click and push buttons, RS232
On Screen Display: ON/OFF/timer with choice of text color
OLED: 1″ Diagonal, 128×64, 2 colors
Arcana 2 Size: 3.9″L x 2.3″W x 0.8″H – in CM: 10 x 6 x 2.2
Arcana 2 Weight: 120g – 0.26 LBS
Input Lag: <1ms (nanoseconds count)
Other info: 3D Support, CEC Pass Through, DSD, eARC (HDMI2.1)

Got questions? We have answers!

What is the problem With eARC or ARC ?

eARC is a feature that comes integrated with TV’s built on the HDMI2.1 standard (HDMI input / eARC output). It is also implemented on some TV’s built on the HDMI 2.0b standard and is connected to an audio video receiver or soundbar via HDMI output / eARC input.
This allows for full audio playback up to and including Atmos over True HD from TV applications and external HDMI sources and processed by an eARC capable sound system. eARC is not a perfect standard as some formats are yet to be supported. Some may never be as manufacturers drop support for them over eARC.

On the receiving end, HDMI2.1 AVR equipment has technical challenges and a high cost to route 1500MHz/48Gbps signals. Some manufacturers might choose to offer eARC capable sound systems with only eARC inputs like SONOS did with the SONOS Arc soundbar. Many manufacturers are expected to provide eARC only capable solutions over the years to come as HDMI2.1 becomes more widely adopted.
This way manufacturers do not have to implement the processing of video signals which alleviates the license fee and support issues that would go along with it.
The problem with this implementation is that the full capabilities can only be realized with an eARC TV, The market is saturated with televisions, both new and old, that do not have the eARC capabilities. Typical examples include projectors, PC monitors and ARC 5.1 TV’s.

What is the solution for eARC or ARC?

An eARC TV is able to accept HDMI signals via its inputs and offers FULL AUDIO via eARC from one of them (HDMI input / eARC output). Our challenge was to design and create a device that will act as an eARC TV. It should be capable of receiving HDMI signals via an HDMI input and offering FULL AUDIO via another HDMI input / eARC output. This is the basis of what 8K Arcana VRR is capable of doing.
This did not exist in HDMI until now. Normally you cannot connect an HDMI OUTPUT to another HDMI OUTPUT (Arcana) or an HDMI INPUT to another HDMI INPUT (Maestro/Diva/Vertex2/SHARC). We did it.

How to set up HDFury Arcana 2?

For more detailed instructions please refer to the GETTING STARTED section.
-If you need to transfer full audio from one HDMI source then all you need is 8K Arcana VRR. Connect your source HDMI output to the Arcana HDMI input. Connect the HDMI output to your TV and connect the eARC output to SONOS Arc or your eARC/AVR sound system.
-If you need to transfer ARC or eARC for TV audio and have full audio from one external source then all you need is 8K Arcana VRR. Connect your source HDMI output to the Arcana HDMI input. Connect the HDMI output to your TV ARC or eARC input and connect the eARC output to SONOS Arc or your eARC/AVR sound system.
-If you need to transfer full audio from multiple HDMI sources, you can use 8K Arcana VRR connected to the output of any HDMI switcher, matrix, or splitter.
-If you need to transfer ARC or eARC for TV audio and have full audio from multiple HDMI sources, you can use 8K Arcana VRR connected to the output of any HDMI switcher, matrix, or splitter.
-Alternatively, if you have another equipment, you can connect the secondary output to it. 8K Arcana VRR offers an unique and versatile HDMI Copy output that can either be set to split/mirror the main signal, to downscale VRR for Hue Sync, capture card, lower specs display, etc.. Or as an audio output to feed older AVR with a 1080p stream carrying Full Audio.

Do i need a special HDMI cable for the Hdfury Arcana 2?

Yes, from your source to the 8K Arcana VRR and from the8K Arcana VRR to the display you will need cables that can fully support transfer of 40Gbps/1200MHz as long as your equipment is capable of sending such bandwidth.
We recommend HDfury, Cable Matters, Zeskit and Kabeldirekt brands with a min length of 6ft(2m) and max length of 12ft(4m) in copper. If you need longer cables, you should consider active or fiber cables. We recommend the 4K120 from Zeskit and Kabeldirekt on Amazon.
From 8K Arcana VRR to SONOS Arc or any eARC sound system, the HDMI cable only needs to support ARC/eARC, such as the HDMI cable that is already supplied with SONOS Arc. k

How does Volume control by TV or source remote works?

Currently with 8K Arcana VRR, your display will be able to see and control the source connected to the 8K Arcana VRR input.
We also added CEC volume control from the TV or source to SONOS Arc or to any AVR/eARC sound system.
Please note that the SONOS Arc has IR learning capabilities so you can also program it to recognize any remote including your TV or source remote for volume control.
Click here to visit SONOS page about IR learning

My TV is ARC, can this device makes it eARC?

If your TV has ARC input, it cannot be converted to eARC short of buying new TV. The capabilities that your TV has over the ARC connection (5.1 or Atmos/DD+ for LG TV’s and some others) will remain unless the manufacturer decides to update it via firmware.

To overcome the limitation (or if there is no ARC connection such as in a projector or monitor) people are running theirs apps from external HDMI sources from which they can get FULL AUDIO up to Atmos over TrueHD.
8K Arcana VRR takes ANY HDMI output from ANY HDMI device and passes the HDMI signal to TV and whatever sound format supported by the eARC device (typically SONOS Arc or ANY eARC AVR), including Atmos over TrueHD.
For example: External HDMI source > 8K Arcana VRR > one output to TV/projector/monitor and one output to SONOS Arc.
8K Arcana VRR allows for the transfer of FULL AUDIO including Atmos over True HD from any source, It does not alter anything on your TV. The ARC port of your TV does not gain any additional functionality.
8K Arcana VRR converts any HDMI Video/Audio output from any device (source, switcher, splitter, matrix and any of our devices) into a suitable HDMI eARC port where SONOS Arc can receive FULL AUDIO including Atmos over TrueHD as well as an other format that your TV may not support.

Can HDFury Arcana 2 VRR 8K solves lip sync issue from eARC TV to SONOS ARC?

Yes! There is one thing people tend to forget, so far there is absolutely no TV that we know of that will modify its own internal EDID based on what CDS it can read from the connected eARC RX. It simply downmixes or re-encodes (with delay) the incoming audio according to what eARC RX can handle. This is why when connected to an eARC TV, the SONOS Arc can have serious lip sync issues. All that will be fixed with 8K Arcana VRR.

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